Scrap Car

Getting a new companion? Scrap the old one and get value for money

Decision to Scrap the Car

While the decision to buy the car is easy, what is difficult is the decision to scrap the car. However, if you have made up your mind to scrap your old car, choose us for the service. We offer a wonderful scrap rate that is rather higher as compared to the market. So getting some value for money for the old car that you were once attached to and had driven for a long time doesn't make you feel guilty. We begin the process only after proper evaluation and observation.

Essentials of Car Scrapping
When we decide to scrap the car, it is very important to do that with complete documentation. It is for the proper documentation, and the legalized way in which we carry out the process, Yash Motors is preferred for this service. Our perfect analyzers observe the car and according to which value your old car. We prefer a transparent deal and for which we inform you about the entire process of deregistering the car before it is actually scrapped. The reason for deregistering is to prevent any frauds that may otherwise happen using your old car number. Below is the list of documents that we provide in order to authenticate the scrap and our deal with you:

  • Affidavit
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Two Chassis plates
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Id Proof.

  • Providing these documents proves our genuine interest of scrapping the car and we carry that out in a professional way.

    Scrap yard

    We do not scrap the car at our service station and do the same at our scrap yard. As mentioned earlier this is done using professional help, hence it is done at the scrap yard. But you do not have to worry to carry your car to the scrap yard, as we do this for you. We do this after offering all the documents post which your role in the process is over.

    If you are planning to scrap your old car, do look for an authentic and legal services that is provided at Yash Motors.

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