Anti-theft Tips

Anti-theft Tips: How to Keep Your Car Secure

It’s your friend on the road, your second most expensive asset after your house. Yes!  We are talking about your car. 

There’s a bond between the car and its owner that makes it his responsibility to protect the car and calculate the bad odds to prevent any theft. 

As you know, nobody wants to lose money, then how about losing a huge amount of money that you invested in buying your auto. 

What Are the Basic Steps to Keep Your Car Safe?

New or used vehicles, no one is safe from car theft. Today, theft techniques have greatly developed, especially with advanced electronic systems.

In 2019, the statistics showed that 75% of vehicle thefts were without breaking. It only takes a few seconds for thieves to pick up a signal, open and start a car and leave with it.

Did you know? Every 6 minutes, one auto theft happens around the world.

If you value your car and don’t want to lose it, there are several common-sense rules all drivers should follow. If you regularly experience theft attempts or have recently had your vehicle stolen, there are more advanced techniques to consider.

Common-Sense Tips

  • Do not leave anything lying around in your vehicle

In general, avoid leaving any visible objects in the interior of your car as much as possible.

A backpack, a work computer, a phone, or anything that may attract thieves. Instead,  use your trunk to put a few things in it. But avoid leaving valuable stuff in your vehicle as much as possible in your absence.

  • Do not leave the keys in the car

It may seem obvious, but a young driver or a distracted one may leave their keys in the ignition or the passenger compartment. 

By doing this, the thief can start your vehicle and leave without any break-ins! Unfortunately, it is very hard to prove the theft in this case.

  • Lock the car

When you leave your vehicle, remember to close all the windows, doors, and trunk. A partially open window can make the job much easier for a thief. 

Some drivers do this to the extent that it becomes a habit to pull the door’s handle whenever they get out of the car to ensure that it’s locked. 

  • Do not leave your vehicle running unattended

When getting out of your vehicle even for a few seconds, always remember to remove the keys from the ignition and to lock the car. 

A few seconds of inattention is enough for an ill-intentioned person to enter your vehicle and go out with a bang without warning.

  • Don’t let a stranger drive your car alone

It goes without saying. But if you want to have your vehicle drive-tested when selling your car, always accompany the buyer rather than letting them go alone. Because letting the buyer on their own is the best way to never see your car again!

  • Park in a safe place

Although the best place to park is a private car park that has a camera or a security system, you can’t always do that. Most of the places you drive to won’t have a private garage, and you have to park wherever you find a spot.

If you parked outside, try to find a busy and lighted street rather than a low-traffic area.

More Advanced Techniques Against Theft

  • Install a burglar alarm

Thieves don’t like to be spotted, and that’s what car alarm systems are for. The loud noise of the alarm will attract the attention of people nearby and scare away the thieves.

  • Install a steering wheel lock

This gadget disables the movement of the steering wheel. So even if the thief managed to start the car, it would take him time to unlock the device, turn the steering wheel, and leave with the car. 

It is a deterrent mechanical lock because it wastes thieves’ time. Besides, the steering wheel lock’s price is affordable and you can install it easily.

  • Buy a signal-blocking pouch

Thieves have developed new techniques to steal keyless cars. 

The principle is simple: due to a jammer, the thief will prevent your doors from closing. Once you are away from the vehicle, he can enter without breaking. 

One of the solutions is to buy a signal-blocking pouch that can block the codes your key fob is always transmitting. 

  • Burn your car windows

Engraving your windows and mirrors is an alternative way to protect yourself against auto theft. It is a unique number that identifies a stolen vehicle: this number goes in the database of the police and insurance companies.

This is a deterrent technique because criminals will find it difficult to resell the vehicle after stealing it.

  • Invest in a GPS tracker

It is the ultimate solution for tracking your car in the event of theft. 

With this device placed in your vehicle, you can quickly find its position and report it to law enforcement. 

Some models are even paired with your mobile so you get a notification when your car starts.

At the end of the day, you can’t stop bad accidents from happening but you can have the upper hand and do whatever you have to do to protect the assets you bought with the money you worked hard to get. 

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